Your Pillowcase Has The Same Amount Of Bacteria As A Toilet

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Fun fact.

Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'News That Will Terrify The Living Daylights Out Of You'.

And boy have we got a doozy for ya.

Long story short; your pillowcase if pure, festering filth.

Legit though.

Following a study, mattress guru's Amerisleep report that after one week, your pillowcase contains 17,442 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Than a toilet seat.

After two weeks, something you put your face on for eight hours a night is copping 332 times more bacteria than a tap handle. 

Gawd forbid it hits four weeks 'cause then you're sitting at 39 times more bacteria than a pet bowl.

Certified sleep science coach Chris Brantner told INSIDER more:

"Most people don't realize that our hair holds more dirt in it than anywhere else on our bodies," he explained, advising we all wash our cases every two days.

"And each night, we're mopping our pillowcases with it. Not only that, we are rubbing our faces all over our pillowcases as well, leaving behind sweat, oils, dead skin cells ... you name it."

And apparently, using a pillow protector is simply not enough. Bill Fish, co-founder of Tuck Sleep, spoke to the publication explaining that these can only do so much and that by not taking proper care of our pillowcases, we subject ourselves to particles and allergens.

"[These] can get into your respiratory system and not only trigger an affliction like asthma, but other forms of illness," Fish told INSIDER.

While we personally have already bought brand new bedding while researching this article, experts recommend washing your bedding covers at least once a week on a warm wash, and your pillowcases once to twice a week. 

And we haven't even gotten into the whole 'what's living in your pillows’ thing.

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