Your Most Compatible Partner Based On Your Star Sign

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It's destiny.

Sometimes, it can be tricky to trust your instincts when it comes to choosing a potential partner.

Too much booze and charming one-liners can lead you to make the wrong choice and before you know it, you’ve spent a year dating a freak who doesn’t like dogs and won’t buy you chicken nuggets.

If you struggle with this area of your life, fear not; we can help. As per usual, the answer to the question of who you should be with lies within your zodiac sign (duh).

So, without further ado, here are the ideal pairings for every sign:

With a strong, magnetic personality (it is a fire sign after all), Aries need a partner who can handle (not corral) their energy.

For that reason we recommend Gemini and Sag. As fellow fire signs, they won't be scared of your spirit - and won't clash with your competitiveness like Leos and fellow Aries folk.

A dedicated persona, the Taurean is well matched with Virgo - also hardworking - and Pisces signs. Both are drawn to the Taurus' dependability and all have a quiet strength of character - something they see and value in others. While Aries' relo' might be all competition and fire, a Taurus/Virgo or Taurus/Pisces is all solid dependability and respect.

The infamous 'dual-persona' star sign, Geminis honestly only do best with... well other Geminis.

Sorry 'bout it.

A fling between a Cancer and Scorpio will always be strong as both signs are in touch with their emotions and are deeply intuitive. Both signs love a quiet, intimate night in and are likely to feel possessive in their relo - so what might scare others, is considered a boon here.

The somewhat demanding Leo pairs well with adventurer and fellow fire sign Sagittarius or the cooler Libra. Leo need admiration and attention a-plenty from their partner which Sag and Libra are on board with.

Virgo work best with other Earth signs. Taurus is the best match in our book, sharing the practical approach to life that Virgos froth over. Some Caps might also work, but the risk of dragging each other down into ultra-practicality is high. 

Known for balance, the Libra pairs well with quite a number of star signs. Virgo and Capricorn alike enjoy the harmony that exudes the Libran - a recipe for Insta-love if we ever saw it. Librans also do very well with fellow Librans.

In touch with their emotions - and often choosing to lead by them - Scorpios pair well with the similarly in touch Pisces. As mentioned, the Cancer sign also goes well with Scorpio as both are more than happy to put their other on a pedestal. 

The laid-back signs of the zodiac, Libra and Aquarius pair best with the "I'm bored already" Sag. They're cool for whatever adventure, so long as someone else is steering the ship. Able to keep things spicy, Sag could also pair with Leo who love a bit of fun/opportunity to show off.

Caps are decisive and know when something's right (and more importantly, when it isn't) so fellow earth signs like Taurus and Virgo pair the best. We'll also let Scorpio slide in there. 

The freedom-first sign, Aquas are most compatible with similarly chill Libra and totally-cool-with-independence Gemini. 

Taurus and Scorpio pair best with Pisces but for curiously different reasons. A Taurus will ground the mood-heavy Pisces while a Scorpio will understand their emotional intensity without being overwhelmed - or scared - about it. 

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Image: Pexels

Written By Ally Parker