You Can Now Order A Submarine Through The Uber App

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“So how long have you been submerged?”

Uber is the answer to all our modern day needs. It brings fried food to our doorstep when we’re dying from a hangover. It will pick us up from whoop whoop at 4am, no questions asked. 

And now it’s serving us with underwater travel. 

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That’s right folks, in a world-first you can now order a submarine - or ‘scUber’ - using the Uber app. 

“Why would I ever need to travel by submarine?” we hear you ask? 

Aside from the obvious - who wouldn’t want a ride in a submarine you boring human? - it’s actually a pretty useful method of transport. 

At least, it is if you’re on the Great Barrier Reef.

For non-diving travellers who still want to see one of the great natural wonders of the world without the possibility of being shark bait, Uber is now offering submarine rides around the reef. 

For the next month, holidaymakers can hail a scUber, the world’s first ridesharing submarine. The vehicle in question is called “Barry” and it’s a Stingray SR-500-1.

Professional submarine drivers from Aquatica Submarines will be manning the vessel, and you can rate them just like any other Uber driver. 

Barry seats two people and the one-hour round trip will depart from a number of Queensland cities.

All you need to do it put your destination as Great Barrier Reef, tell the Uber operator who calls you that you didn’t order a sub by mistake (they call you to check), and wait for the helicopter to take you to Barry. 

Yeah, you read that right - a freakin’ helicopter is your transport to the departure point. 

The fare is USD$2,060 for two people (including the helicopter ride), and Uber will match every fare with a donation to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, who work to conserve the vulnerable ecosystem. 

scUber has limited availability until June 18. 

We vote Uber hoverboards as their next initiative. 


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Written By Brynn Davies