You Can Now Climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge For Just $98

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But only for one day. 

As any tourist will tell you, did you even go to Sydney if you didn’t climb the harbour bridge?

Donning a sexy blue jumpsuit and clambering up the iconic attraction sits on the ‘to do’ list of many Aussies, but considering the hefty price tag of a bridge climb it’s no wonder plenty don’t get the chance.

Well, grab your most comfortable shoes, ‘cause for one day only you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for just $98.

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The price drop accompanies celebrations for the BridgeClimb’s 21st birthday on Tuesday, October 1.

The climb - which has been running since 1998 - normally costs close to $400 for one person.

But come October 1, you can make the climb with groups leaving every 5-10mins from 5 am until late.

Plus, to get even more groove in your step, they’ll be playing birthday party bangers from the year the bridge opened, so get ready to bust a move 440 feet above the water.

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