You Can Now Buy A Giant Inflatable Twister To Make This Your Best Summer Ever

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Left hand, high five.

Winter is almost over guys so it's time to start brightening up your wardrobe and planning your summer outdoor activities. 

You can send us a thank you gift later because we’ve found something that will turn your boring old BBQs into a barrel of awesomeness. 

A 15-foot by 15-foot inflatable game of Twister that you need to see to believe. 

I mean who's the genius who created this? They deserve some sort of award. 

It's basically the same as the OG floor Twister but you're going to need to use your core a lot more to stabilise yourself on the inflatable. 

Don't stress about bringing the giant game to a petrol station to blow up, a 1-horsepower air blower is included with your purchase of the gigantic blow-up mat, as well as a 3-foot-tall spinning wheel that indicates which hand or foot of each player must touch the particular colour. 

Your neighbours are going to be so jealous of how much fun you're having but it'll cost ya. One inflatable game runs at $2,000 - so better start saving if you want it for your family Christmas BBQ.

Image: Hammacher Schlemmer

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Written By Christina Cavaleri