This is the worst thing you could do when using Tinder on Valentine’s Day

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Are you guilty of this?

If you’re going into this Valentine’s Day without a special someone, you might be feeling the sting of that just a little...

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But before you run off to your phone and start swiping right as fast as your fingers will allow, take a minute to make sure you approach the season of love the correct way... 

If you’re wondering what you should be expecting, just know that Tinder saw a 20 per cent spike in usage in Australia on Valentine’s Day 2017, and this year is set to follow the same pattern. 

The team at Tinder has suggested that online daters follow these four tips for navigating the dating app on the V-Day:

1. Take advantage of the flurry of fellow romantics on Tinder by putting yourself out there with an honest, fun bio.

2. Don’t put pressure on yourself to score a date specifically for Valentine’s Day. Love may be in there, but there’s no deadline for finding a match.

3. Valentine’s Day can actually be pretty awkward for a first date (this is probably the app’s biggest no-no) – spend 14th Feb engaging in fun convos with your matches or schedule the meet-ups before or after Valentine’s. 

4. And if you’ve been having a break from Tinder since New Year’s, early February is the perfect time to jump back in with lots of fresh people to match!

Happy swiping, people.

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