The World's Weirdest, Full On Nudey-Rudey Bikini Is A Whopping $850

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We've seen some crazy 'bikinis' in our time.

Duct-tape? Yup.

Backwards seat belt? Yup.

Genital flossing one-piece? Can't unsee it.

And now, without further ado, the 'censor bikini' that's causing a splash online:

'The Shalese' bikini, according to brand Cult Gaia's website, is a "strapless tulle bikini top with tortoise acrylic details".

The togs - which we've renamed as 'One Wrong Move' - come from a collab between the brand and Brazilian designer Adriana Degreas.

Oh, and it rings in at a casual... $846.65 AUD.

Comments from a straight-talking Instagram range from praise and fire emojis to straight up "WTF?".

"Cult Gaia I love you but you can make something cooler," one person simply wrote.

Many comments also took aim at the eye-watering price tag and lack of product for said price tag.

"A s**t like this with 600 €", one person wrote in French.

"Nothing... very ugly," said another in Spanish.

This isn't the first time designer Adriana Degreas has made headlines for her work with her 'groping hands' bikini also causing a stir:

To each their own?

Image: Cult Gaia


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