What's Open Over The Easter Long Weekend

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Did you remember the prawns?

Easter is a hella busy time of year.

Between two public holiday dates and a whole host of family functions, there's not a lot of time to sit back and chill (see: gorge on choccies).

We're big believers in a bit of organisation to help undercut the stress that can come with such a busy schedule. 

So please, pore over the below and plan accordingly (or, you know, use this guide at the last minute, both work).

Good Friday (April 19) and Easter Monday (April 22) are public holidays in literally all states and territories. While common sense would dictate these are the two days for restricted trading, most states and territories change things up for Friday and Sunday.

These restrictions only apply to major retailers so smaller folks aka chemists, small grocery stores and petrol stations can open and trade as they like. The same goes for major cinemas.

Takeaway sales of alcohol are banned across NSW and can be hard to find in other states. Pubs, hotels, bars and clubs are permitted to open from 10pm in NSW and can open from noon in Victoria.

The following will be closed on Good Friday: Westfield and Mirvac shopping centres, Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

Saturday returns to largely normally trading as will Sunday (with the exception of most bottle-o's in NSW).

While Monday is a public holiday, trading will also largely return to normal.

Check out the Woolies, Aldi and Coles websites for your specific local store times across Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

But def stock up for Friday 'cause crap's gonna hit the fan.

Image: Pexels

Written By Ally Parker