This Is What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World

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There’s more to your morning than milk with two sugars. Wherever you are in the world, make like a champion and start your day right — whether it’s a weekday, cheat day or just a regular day, do your best to do as the locals do. It’ll put a smile on your face and a spring in your step, all the way into lunchtime.

United Kingdom

The home of the full English/Scottish breakfast that packs a hearty punch of ballast. The typical serving contains eggs (often fried), sausage, rashers of bacon, baked beans, fried mushrooms and a cooked tomato. Some variations contain chips, haggis, black pudding, fried bread and toast.

If you’re after something a bit lighter, perhaps a slice of buttered toast and marmalade on your way to work or a bowl of cereal.


A sandwich, but open. Layer your fish or meaty cold cuts with cheese, mayonnaise and vegetables such as cucumber or tomato. It’s fresh, zingy and packed with nutrients.

United States of America

Americans are partial to a stack of chocolate stuffed pancakes. Picture the scene: pillowy soft pancakes, warm dough oozing with melted chocolate and topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries or banana. If you’re really going for gold, add a pop of cream or ice cream.

Waffles are equally as strong a base, especially if you’d prefer to go savoury. You can also add a side of skillet breakfast potatoes to your breaky. The crisp edges offer a textural element and tick off your morning carb dose.

South India

If you’re in the south of India, you’ll start your day with a masala dosa. It’s a light and crispy pancake filled with potatoes, onion and spices, served with a curry sauce and a coconut chutney. It’s a sweet and spicy breakfast failsafe: light and airy, but heavy enough to prep you for the day.


Mornings in France are made for you. Sit back and read the news over a flaky, buttery croissant, a fresh baguette and a strong coffee. The French are known to dip their bread in their coffee. Ooh la la. Those who prefer their mornings on the sweeter side might opt for a pain au chocolate. It’s made from the same flaky layers of puff pastry as the traditional croissant but wrapped around a chocolate centre and eaten hot or cold. Delicious.

The Netherlands

In Australia, we’re no stranger to fairy bread — white loaf lathered with margarine and dowsed in rainbow sprinkles, cut into tiny triangles (always triangles). The Netherlands has its own version, hagelslag, which features chocolate sprinkles and a buttery base. Many opt to double up on their early morning chocolate intake by switching the butter for chocolate spread.


You’d be forgiven for mistaking a Korean breakfast for a Korean dinner. Sit down at any meal setting and you’ll find a bowl of kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish eaten throughout the year. A typical breakfast features a bowl of kimchi, a serving of meat or fish and leftovers from last night’s dinner.


Italians keep breakfast on the simple side — traditionally a coffee with a brioche bun filled with jam or chocolate. But often, the simplest idea is the most effective. Buon Appetito.

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Written By Rebecca O'Malley