Watch The Moment This South Australian Guy Realises There’s A Koala In His Back Seat

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Blinky Bill, that you? 

There’s a very long list of things you don’t want to find in the back seat of your car: 

Week-old baby vomit. 

A zombie that’s on fire. 

A spider. Hard NO to the spider. 

Well this South Australian guy, Tim Whitrow, found a koala in his back seat. 

And… just watch. 

Yep, we thought so too. 

Cute at first, a little scary (since when are koalas thaaaat big?! *gulp*), and definitely not okay. We’re putting ‘finding a koala in your back seat’ on the ‘bad thing’ pile. 

Tim, a winemaker, found the creature while he was checking fruit on the New Alluca Wine vineyard in McLaren Vale.

After discovering the animal in his vehicle, Tim was an admirably considerate host. 

Since it was a steaming hot day, he tried to hand-feed it water and even tried pouring water on the back seat for his new furry friend. But Mr. Koala wasn’t having any of it. 

“I really need you to get out of my car,” says Tim 100000 times.

How is he so endlessly patient???? 

The Koala doesn't care for Tim’s patience ‘cause what does it do? It turns around and sticks its bum into the camera like a real gentleman. Or gentlewoman - we couldn’t tell. 

When Tim politely asked it not to bite, the Koala bit him. 

When Tim asked it to “get out now please”, it took a swipe at Tim before crawling to the front of the car and mounting the dashboard. 

This is the point in the video that we, along with Tim, realise two things: 

1. The koala is hiding out from the dry heat in Tim’s nicely airconditioned car. 

2. It doesn’t want to leave. 

FINALLY, Tim gets frustrated. The koala is trespassing, after all. 

Eventually, Timmy (can we call you Timmy?) managed to successfully evict the koala from his vehicle, but not before it gouged out his dashboard with its claws in protest. 

According to the vineyard on which this unfortunate series of events took place, the koala’s name is Caramello.

Which we reckon is way too sweet a name for something so dang rude. 

Written By Brynn Davies