Turns Out Social Media Influencers Are Peddling Bogus Advice

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Thinking of getting fit? Healthy? Generally better?

Well, turns out you need to unfollow those insta fit models, fam. 

‘Cause researchers have revealed that most social media influencers promote bad fitness and diet advice.

Who knew, right?

A study by a team from the University of Glasgow found that only one out of nine leading UK bloggers who posted about weight management, actually provided info that met national nutritional standards.

One. Out of nine. That’s 11 per cent.

The findings showed that the majority of bloggers failed in keys areas, including presenting opinion as fact, and providing zero evidence to back their claims. 

Lead author of the study, Christina Sabbagh said:

“This is potentially harmful, as these blogs reach such a wide audience.”

"Popularity and [the] impact of social media in the context of the obesity epidemic suggests all influencers should be required to meet accepted scientifically or medically justified criteria for the provision of weight management advice online," the authors said.

Long story short, be double-checking those facts, ladies and gents.

'Cause your fitspiration might be shady.


Image: Pexels

Written By Chloe Arentz
It comes with a freakin’ rotisserie basket. 

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