Turns Out A Lot Of You Don't Change Your Undies Daily

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Look, we don’t want to pant shame anyone but if you started the day without a change of undies then… look, you can do better.

In fact, a statistically significant number of you are apparently not changing your intimates every week and that’s just horrifying, although also explains why the bus smells like that.

And it’s a story which we’d like to take with a pinch of salt, if only to do something to help disinfect the manky dacks which are apparently being worn all over the shop.

The survey from which this statistic is taken, you see, is an American underwear company – and you might justifiably think it’s coming from a place that has a pretty active interest in people buying more underwear.

But even if we assume that Tommy John’s numbers might be a little skewed in favour of greater smalls-purchases, the idea that 45 per cent of Americans are not wearing fresh underwear daily and that 13 per cent of them are wearing them for a week or more is cause for worry.

Women are rather more assiduous about changing their pants than are men, which should surprise literally no-one. But even so, there’s little about this story which should give people relief or happiness.

And there’s a reason you should wash your undies and why shouldn’t hang onto them for years on end: they’re hugging a high-bacteria part of your body, some of which can get a bit… well, infecty.

In any case: maybe give your dacks a bit of a bonus scrub, or treat yourself to a new tighty-whitey three-pack, gents.

But at the very least: different crotch-fabric each day, please. Society doesn’t ask that much of you, at least do this small thing for us.

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Written By Andrew P Street
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