Turns Out Jam Donuts Are A Bald-Faced Lie

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Not okay. 

Just when you feel like you've got everything figured out - and we're including whether or not fringes ~work~ for you - someone comes along and blows the lid off the whole 'jam donut' thing.


The whole thing started when a listener called in to Nova's Chrissie, Sam & Browny with the tidbit and dramatically snowballed from there.

Since then, news.com.au went out of their way to rub salt in our wounds, getting in touch with Donut King's general manager, Andrew Badcock.

“Some food brands use apple paste or sauce as the core ingredient in their raspberry jam recipe,” Andrew told news.com.au.

“With its natural sweetness and no pips, apple sauce is widely used for its smooth and ‘jammy’ texture,” he added.

Kerrie McCallum, editor-in-chief of Delicious, also told the publication that mass-produced doughnuts used a “diluted” jam substitute:

“Big chains use a type of diluted jam substance to get the thinner consistency and sweeter taste they want,” she said.

“Real jam is quite ‘jammy’, so thick and sticky with chunks of fruit and seeds in it, and most mass-produced doughnuts use a smoother texture to appeal to the broadest tastes.”

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Written By Ally Parker