Toy Story Sneakers Exist And Are You A Buzz Or A Woody?

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To infinity and beyond online shopping. 

To celebrate the release of Toy Story 4, Reebok is planning to release a new version of their Instapump Fury Range and our childhood hearts are buzzing already. 

If you’re a die-hard Toy Story fan (and let’s face it, who’s not?!), then you’ll want to immediately get yourself a pair of these extra-terrestrial kicks in celebration of BFFs Woody and Buzz!

The nifty shoes are mismatched; the left pair is decked out in green and purple, paying homage to Buzz Lightyear, and the right features hints of yellow, blue and cow print, attributing fellow toy Woody. 

Be still my ten-year-old heart. 

Bad news: Reebok is only selling a few pairs which means you need to get on this ASAP. 

Now the only thing missing is the word A-N-D-Y. Get on it, Reebok. 

Image: Pixar

Written By Izzy Cuyuca