These $14 ‘One Size Fits All’ Leggings From Amazon Are Sending Shoppers Into Meltdown

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FINALLY the perfect fit. 

Fashion bloggers, influencers and reg Aussie women alike are taking to the internet to rave about a pair of cheap-as-chips leggings from Amazon. 

Ranging from $14 to $19, the high-waisted leggings come in 25 different colours and are sold in either a one-size or plus-size fit. 

The uber-soft stretchy tights are getting rave reviews online, with happy owners gushing over their flattering perfect fit and high-quality feel. 

Designed by US label Satina, the tights have snagged the title of #1 best-seller on Amazon with over 5,000 online shoppers rating the tights an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

The big drawcard of the opaque tights is the high-quality feel of the leggings comparative to the super-low price tag. 


The high-waistband leggings “comfortably hugs everything in for that sexy hourglass shape”, while the Satina “peachskin” fabric is purportedly one of the softest materials around. 

The ‘One Size’ fit is suitable for anyone who wears sizes small to large, while ‘Plus Size’ is best for those who wear XL - XXXL. 

Flattering? Check. 

Budget-friendly? Check. 

Saving us the pain of jeans shopping now the weather’s starting to cool down? BIG CHECK. 

Written By Brynn Davies

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