There’s A Way To Backspace On iPhone Calculators And Our Minds Are Blown

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How did we not know this?!

iPhones are the only phones that are worth having. Anyone who uses a Samsung or Google mobile are closet sociopaths. 

Unless you own them as a secondary phone for the camera - then you’re forgiven. 

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But for all the amazing features an iPhone has (Siri is our BFF) there’s one thing that drives us crazy every single time we use it. 

The calculator. Convenient when you need to split the dinner bill 17 ways but a pain in the bum when you make a mistake and hit ‘multiply’ instead of ‘divide’ and ’22’ instead of ’17’ and it all goes to crap and there’s no way to undo your sins. 

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We’ve all been there. 

But it turns out we’ve been living an unnecessary struggle because there IS a way to backspace on an iPhone calculator and it’s super simple. 

Check it out: 

Between this and the space bar trick, our lives are 100x better. 

It’s the simple things, amirite? 

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