Here’s A Robot Which Makes It Impossible For You To Kill Your Plants

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It’s like a parent for your succulents. 

Honesty session: who has ever ~accidently~ killed a plant? 


Okay cool so basically all of us. 

Don’t feel bad though. After all, our plant babies don’t give us verbal cues. Like when they’re dehydrated or burning in the sun.

Someone has very kindly designed a robot to be a parent to our plant babies while we try to figure out how to look after ourselves. 

Its name is Hexa, and it’s a moving, spider-like robot that will hold your plant and scamper around your home chasing the sun. 

Image: Vincross

When your plant needs to be watered, Hexa will do an ACTUAL DANCE for you to get your attention. 

Get this: it can rotate a full 360 degrees to make sure every little leaf gets some rays. 

It’s kinda like giving your plant legs. It can navigate furniture and has night vision. 

So basically, if you manage to kill the succulent you’ve entrusted to Hexa, it’s definitely you. 

It also has wifi - we’re not sure what for, but it’s definitely cool!

Hexa was invented by a company called Vincross, who are dedicated to inventing technology to keep your succulents succulent. 

We’re not sure if this lil’ plant-parent robot is cute or creepy, but it’s definitely something you can get ~that~ friend who manages to murder their cacti. 

It costs $949 so it'd have to be a really good plant-killing friend. 

Image: Vincross


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Written By Brynn Davies