There's A 'Friends' LEGO Set Coming For You To Accidentally Step On

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Must have.

Whether you're a Friends fan or LEGO aficionado (LEGO Masters was a big hit, there's no shame here fam), you're probably going to get a wee bit excited about this bit of news.

A legit Friends LEGO set is dropping.

Not much is known about the special edition set but from the stop-motion teaser we can see little figurines of Ross, Rachel - with red hair?! - Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe as well as their iconic couch.

The release date is rumoured to be September to coincide with the show's 25th anniversary (it first aired in 1994).

We don't know about you, but there are a few key pieces we'd like to see such as Gunther, Joey's giant dog sculpture, Huggsy, a smelly cat, the Chick and Duck, and literally every single item in Monica's apartment.

Image: Friends / NBC

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Written By Ally Parker

THIS bed is just right.

Lunch is sorted.


I am now one with the couch.