There’s A Bed That Sleeps Five People And We Want It All For Ourselves

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THIS bed is just right.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to upgrade your pad to a bigger space, we’ve got a doozy. 

Forget giving the kids more room to play or a special someone who’s moving in and needs storage; all you really need is a bigger bedroom. 


To fit this beast:

Isn’t that the biggest freakin’ bed you’ve ever seen? And NO it’s not Photoshopped. 

It’s for sale from The Ace Collection, a company which makes beds for ‘families’ - having a family is not a prerequisite of purchase.

The idea is that Mum, Dad and their karate kid can all get a restful night’s sleep with enough room for everyone to be the royal starfish.

Editor’s note: a larger bed will not solve the doona thief issue. Fight it out among yourselves. 

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There are sizes for every budget, room and sleeping combo. They’ve got a standard queen and king size bed if you wanna be boring, before the next step up the ‘Ace Size’. Oooh. 

It fits three pillows across and is 81cm wider than a standard king-sized bed.

Next up is the ‘Ace Family Size’, which is 365cm wide and 203cm long - basically, the size of two standard kings stuck together.

There’s also a bed for tall people - you know who you are - who are sick of their feet sticking out the end of the sheets like a cartoon. The 'Ace Player Option' giving you an extra 71cm in length.

These bad boys come with a sizeable price tag starting at AU$2,600, plus they’re currently only available in the States. But we reckon beds the size of a large sedan is worth petitioning the company to ship Down Under in really, really big boxes. 

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