Study Reveals Tantrums Might Actually Be A Sign Of Future Success

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And here we thought they were just annoying.

We've got good news and bad news...

The good news? Your kid's hissy fit may actually be a good thing.

The bad news? Those hissy fits full stop.

A 40-year study by Developmental Psychology has found that children who were... let's say 'outspoken' in their views and desires, went on to enjoy greater success.


The study looked at children at the age of 12, and then again at age 52. At age 12, researchers considered things like socioeconomic status, intelligence and behaviours such as school entitlement, inattentiveness, pessimism, rule breaking and defiance. At age 52, researchers took note of their career-based success and income.

The results speak for themselves. Those who were more defiant and pushed boundaries at a younger age were more likely to go further in school and earn a higher income in their later years.

Another study from the University of Pennsylvania psychologist and TED Talk extraordinaire, Angela Duckworth, agrees. She explains that if kids display a personality trait she labels as ‘grit’ from an early age, they are far more likely to find career success.

So, does this mean you should let your kid run rampant like a modern-day Veruca Salt? Heck no. Boundaries and rules matter. 

But it does open up some thinking behind the reasons for tantrums. Which anyone who's encountered a screaming child knows is BUENO. 

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Written By Ally Parker

This changes everything.

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