Stop Everything: A Prosecco And Cider Hybrid Exists

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This is not a drill!!!

Move over rosé. Hit the road hard lemonade. There’s a new drink in town and there is only so much room in our fridges for summer staple drinks (seeing as it’s Autumn and all). 

Actually, forget the fact that it’s March - have you BEEN outside lately? Winter is nowhere near coming and we still have lots of love in our hearts for summertime beverages. 

And now all your favourite summer drinks come in ONE CAN thanks to Crispin Cider Co.

The magical alcohol fairies at CCC have mixed up a titillating concoction of prosecco and hard cider - dubbing the liquid happiness ‘Pearsecco’. 

According to Crispin, the drink is a "marriage of a pear-based cider and a bubbly prosecco flavour.”

Yep, we're sold. 

The delish combo of pears and prosecco - while being technically a cider (did we mention HARD cider?) - has the dryness we love about prosecco, which makes the pear taste a lot more subtle and floral. 

Pearsecco is perfect for anyone who struggles to get through a can of sugary cider; this drink isn’t so sweet that it overwhelms your tastebuds. 

In the land of alcoholic beverages (oh how we wish this was an actual place) Crispin’s magical drink inventors already hit the nail on the head with 2017’s bottles of rosé cider, which became a gram sensation. 

The new Pearsecco is available in a wine-inspired variety pack of 12-ounce slim cans that includes Crispin Rosé and Crispin Brut. 

By April you’ll be able to purchase a standalone six-pack of ‘em. 

Both delicious AND aesthetic. 

Image: Instagram / @crispincider 

Written By Brynn Davies

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