Social Media Slam Bride Who Sold House For “Horrible” Engagement Ring

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“Can you get your house back?”

Every woman thinks about her dream engagement ring. 

Maybe you like a princess cut, or maybe you’re a circle person. Maybe you like diamonds or maybe you prefer a more unique stone. 

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Whatever your flavour, I think we can all agree on one thing: selling your house for an engagement ring is pretty excessive. Especially when your ring looks like this: 

A bride-to-be who revealed her fiancé sold their house to

Not only is it huge, it's purple (??), a flower (???), and just plain ugly (in our humble opinion). According to the proud owner, the ring is a custom-designed purple diamond creation (yes, despite looking like plastic that thing is apparently real) and only cost a house. 

“We sold our house to get the perfect ring,” she wrote in the That's It, I'm Ring Shaming group on Facebook. 

As you can imagine, the picture of the ring copped shame the instant it was shared. 

“Why would you sell your house for a ring. Let alone a ring that looks like part of a fairy dress up costume,” one user wrote. 

Another commented: “I think your finger is having an allergic reaction to all that ugly”.

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“Can you get the house back? Damn. Horrible,” a third user wrote. 

Some people were downright convinced the post was a joke. 

“You sold your house?! This is satire. I refuse,” a group member commented. 

Another said: “This is a joke. Either that or ya'll have way more serious issues than  the ring. Selling a house for a ring? Good luck in life. Ya'll desperately need it.”  

And our personal favourite? 

‘“I wish I clearly had the privilege to sell a house for a ring. Better yet one that looks like a gawdy Claire's clearance rack reject.”


Yep, definitely crossing purple flower ring off our engagement ring wishlist. 

Images: That's It, I'm Ring Shaming / Facebook, Giphy / Giphy.

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Written By Krisinda Merhi