Social Media Is Roasting This Bikini/Suit Hybrid And Rightfully So

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Social media users are poking fun at online retailer ASOS after Instagram account @asbos_sos uploaded one of their uh... more questionable prods.

Are you ready?

Feast your eyes:

"Turns out u really can have it all," @asbos_sos captioned the pic.

The ASOS DESIGN asymmetric cut out blazer in black rings in at £70.00 (AUD$125)

Instagram followers were quick to chime in with their own quips:

"Perfect for when you have sunlight on one side of your desk," said one.

Another user added, "like the clothing version of a mullet."

And that's not all, the same one armed dress was also roasted when worn by Influencer Tia Lineker on ASOS' official account.

"Name a situation where this outfit would be appropriate..?" one person wrote.

Another added, "She looks like she was on Jerry springer and got half of her clothes ripped off..."


The social media roasting comes after another questionable ensemble: a 'backwards seat belt bikini' we've dubbed 'One Wrong Move'.

You can check it out here... if you're into that kind of thing.

Image: Instagram / ASOS

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Written By Ally Parker

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