Social Media Is Obsessed With Ariana Grande Fan Forced To Tweet From Her Fridge

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If you think you’re a major fan, think again, ‘cause this Ariana Granda stan has defs got you beat. 

Quick rundown: a massive (giant understatement btw) Ariana Grande fan had her phone confiscated by her mother after she nearly burned down their house because she was Tweeting about Ari instead of watching the stove. 

Ladies and gents, introducing twitter user @thankunext327 AKA 15-year-old Dorothy. 

Don’t believe us? The proof is in the screenshots. 

The fan account, which now has more than 32k followers, tweeted her goodbyes as her phone was being taken away. 

When her followers asked how she was able to tweet, Dorothy said she used her Nintendo DS. 

Big mistake, ‘cause Dorothy’s mum caught on and tweeted from the account: 

“This account will be shut down now."

Not one to give up easy, Dorothy proceeded to use her Wii U via Minecraft (!!!) to message her supporters. 

The screenshot reads: 

“Hello, my mom took my phone and nintendo ds soi [sic] have no choice but to use my wii. thank u for all the support and love, i will answer my dms and follow back when i have a stable connection to twitter. bye <3 – dorothy.”


The story has gone viral on Twitter with #FreeDorothy running rampant ‘cause of course, she needs her phone back, guys. 

Huge companies such as LG and even Twitter itself showed their support:

New York Magazine spoke to the Dorothy after the confiscation and what she's been doing after overcoming such adversity, saying: 

“I’ve been bored all summer and Twitter passes the time for me,” she said simply.

Image: Instagram / Ariana Grande

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Written By Izzy Cuyuca

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