Aldi's Latest Special Buy Could Save You A Whopping $400

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In case you couldn't tell from the many whines of your cowokers, it's bloody cold outside RN.

And so, as the old saying goes, with cold weather comes a scorcher of an Aldi Special Buy Sale - it's totally a phrase, don't question it.

The Winter Cooking Special Buy enters stores Saturday, June 1, and features a product or two that just about flew off the shelves last year.

The cast iron Dutch oven and French pan - $22.99 and $24.99 respetively - were big sellers last year, with many thanking their lucky stars to have nabbed one or both, including followers of Aldi Lovers Australia.

Compared to the popular Le Creuset cast iron, the Special Buy could save shoppers more than $400.

According to Aldi, the cast iron products include durable, three-layer enamel coating, stainless steel knobs, are suitable for all stovetops as well as being oven, dishwasher safe (although handwashing is recommend to maintain appearance).

It also comes in four colours, navy, red, white and black.

You can check out the full range here.

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Written By Ally Parker

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