Smiths Have Brought Back Garlic Bread Chips So Prepare For Carb-Nirvana

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It's a hat on a hat but we're okay with it.

June of 2018 brought many a great things, none of which shone brighter than the carb-on-carb heaven that was Smith's Garlic Bread flavoured chips.

The crinkle-cut crisps are back for a limited time - for footy season - which is nice and all but we all know these are going to be consumed regardless of whether someone's kicking a ball, right? Good.

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Artery-cloggin' happiness can be yours for just $3.30 from Woolies or Coles.

You know what to do.

Image: Smiths

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Written By Ally Parker
It comes with a freakin’ rotisserie basket. 

Pucker up.

Alexa, play Let's Get Loud by JLo.