Signs You're Headed For A Break-Up

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Time to bust out an Adele album.

Relationships are complicated. Even the strongest unions have ups and downs over the course of time. And no matter how solid you might think your romance (or friendship, even!) may be, it's still important to regularly take some time to check in and see how things are going. 

Is your partner sick to death of you never taking the rubbish out? 

Are you *done* with the way they talk over you at dinner? 

Will you ever find common ground over what to watch now they Game of Thrones is over? 

In all likelihood, most of the little hiccups you run into as a couple will have a simple solution. But sometimes, they point to a larger issue at hand. Sometimes, they're hinting that there's trouble ahead.

If you're unsure which camp your relationship sits in, here are five signs your romance is headed for a breakup:

1. The trust isn't there:

If you're questioning every word coming out of your partner's mouth, assuming you'll catch them in a lie (or vice versa), there's a problem. 

Maybe something has brought on the distrust, or perhaps it's linked to a shaky communication base, but whatever it is, it's not good news. 

2. You frustrate one-another:

It's one thing to occasionally get mad because someone left the toilet seat up. But if you're noticing that everything from their breathing to the way they say the word anything (why do they add a 'k' on the end?!) annoys you, you probably need to pay attention to the health of your relationship. 

3. You're seeking attention elsewhere:

Now, this doesn't mean you're looking to be unfaithful. But are you paying attention to other people? Are you all of a sudden interested in amping up your look? Are you staying at that bar later than you usually would? 

Take a good look at this behaviour and consider what it might mean. Maybe that it's time to move on?

4. Acts of affection are rare:

Sex and intimacy are not everything in a relationship, sure. But they're definitely an important part of it. If you've noticed a huge shift in the area, (i.e. you or your partner are/is just not interested anymore) chances are there's a real problem at hand. 

5. You're not investing in one-another:

Are you showing interest in your partner's life? Do you connect often on the things that are important to you both? Do you care what's important to the other person in the relationship? 

If you're in a healthy place, you'd be happy - enthusiastic, even - to make an effort for the sake of your partner. If that's no longer the case, it's worth acknowledging. 

In a recent interview with Elite Daily, board-certified psychiatrist Dr Susan Edelman said that above all else, you should pay attention to your gut. 

“You might have a fear or a sixth sense that a breakup is coming,” she told the outlet. And if that's the case, the best move is to address it.

“That means saying, ‘Hey, our relationship has changed and it isn't good. What's going on?’ Try to identify what isn't working for you,” she said.

After all, no one wants to be left feeling crappy in any kind of relationship. 

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo