Shoppers Demand This Cult Aldi UK Product Be Brought To Australia

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“Need. This. Now.”

Aldi has released a pink gin which tastes like marshmallows and fairy floss. It legit GLITTERS and is called ‘Mystical Unicorn’. 

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The gin is produced by The Infusionist Small Batch, is 20%AVB, and costs $18. 

Sounds freakin’ amazing? You bet it does. 

Unfortunately, the gin is only available at Aldi in the UK, but Aussie FB Group I Bought It At are calling for the global supermarket giant to bring it Down Under. 

Because we’re HERE for pink sparkly unicorn gin. 

The Facebook group shared an article about the product’s release from New Idea Food, captioning the post “Need. This. Now,” accompanied by a unicorn and martini emoji. 

Commenters were tagging their friends in the post suggesting the gin was worth a trip overseas:

“Road trip over the border??,” one wrote, while another told their friend “Look no pressure but if you don’t come back with a bottle for each of us I’m DONE.”

So could someone please @ AldiAu ‘cause we’re drooling over the cocktail possibilities and CBF to fly to England to get this magic juice.  


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