The reason you get red bumps after shaving is gross AF

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We're telling ourselves that waxing is a good pain.

If you're a lady or a man that enjoys sports requiring aerodynamic legs, you've probably gotten intimate with a razor at some point or another (and if you haven't power to you).

And, chances are, if you've gotten intimate with a razor at some point or other, you're familiar with those little red bumps that can appear after the fact, ruining that irresistably smooth look you were hoping to achieve.

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Never knew what caused them? Us either. And we're now wishing we had a time machine so that we could go back to the blissful days of ignorance.

Also known as 'shaving pimples' or 'shaving bumps', those little red lumps are caused by bacteria that accumulates on the razor when left too long unreplaced.


The warm and wet setting of a shower is the perfect environment for just such disgusting bacteria, and when you shave, this bacteria gets transferred onto the skin where it forms little red sandcastles out of your skin.

[Author takes puking break]

No fear, though. This only happens because you're very busy and important, and you have much more pressing concerns than buying a new razor at the supermarket.

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The solution is quite simple, and involves replacing your razor more frequently. You can also try cleansing your skin and the razor with soapy water before shaving to get rid of any dirt and dead skin.

And that friends, brings us to the end of this episode of Science is Gross™.

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Written By Kirsty Sier

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