Praise Be, Coles Are Selling Mince Pies RIGHT NOW

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Yes, you who clicked on this story picturing the sweet, sticky smell of mince pies in crusty, buttery short pastry. 

Or you, who clicked on this story in such fury that you broke a nail. 

We tell no word of a lie: Coles is selling mince pies right bloody now, a whole four months before the Christmas season. They come in a six-pack, cost $2, and we’re walking out of the office to get some asap ‘cause stuff the Grinches. 

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Liz da Silva, Coles produce developer, told 7News that more than half the 11.5 million fruit mince pies the retail giant sold last year were bought before December. 

The festive treat is normally only available from bakeries and supermarkets when the Christmas carols take over the speakers - a few weeks out from Christmas. 

But after announcing last week that Easter’s hot cross bun would be sold all year ‘round, it seems tradition is a serving suggestion.

Twitter had mixed reactions to the news, with many expressing their delight at the early Christmas cheer - which, by the way, is scientifically proven to make you happier.

Others, not so much: 

But seriously, we’re going to get some now. 

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