This Pot Turns Your Plants Into A Tamagotchi-Like Pet So You Stop Killing Them

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No excuses now, murderer. 

Sometimes - and it’s usually after we’ve killed our third orchid - we find ourselves wishing our plant babies could talk. 

Well, maybe not talk - that’s creepy - but at least give us some indication of their needs. Are they too hot? Too dehydrated? Sick of being peed on by Fido? 

Thankfully, Vivien Muller of Mu Design has designed a super brill vase that enables your plant to express 15 different emotions. 

season 1 sb 129 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

The planter - dubbed Lüa - turns your shrub into a Tamagotchi-like pet and it is cute as hell. 

Just look at that faaace:

The planter contains sensors which trigger a correlating emotion animation on an LED screen after measuring things like soil moisture, light exposure and temperature. 

You’re able to customise the planter’s settings through the app by selecting which kind of plant you’re hoping not to murder; Lüa then turns your houseplant into a member of the family. 

Lüa wakes up and goes to sleep just like an actual pet, with its eyes even following movement. It can catch a cold or fever if the temperature is too low, teeth-chattering and all. It has a dreamy smile when all is well, and pants if your plant is dehydrated. 

It even turns into a vampire if there's not enough light, which is adorbs:

So, basically, if you manage to kill the plant you’ve entrusted to Lüa, you’re cursed. 

And a dickhead, but that’s another story. 

im done no GIF
Mu Design, the parent company, is raising funds on Indiegogo and plans to ship Lüa in December 2019.

In the meantime, there's a robot available right now which does a similar thing, except rather than giving your plant expressions it chases sunlight around your house.

Ahh, technology. Solving the world's big problems. 


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Written By Brynn Davies