Post Malone's Crocs Are Available In Australia And We Can't Deal

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Post Malone

But is it fashion? 

You know what we’re like when it comes to footwear. 

But we aren’t sure what to make of Post Malone’s ridiculously successful Croc collab. 

Case in point: the unholy marriage that was Posty’s limited edition Crocs featuring built-in bum bags, which sold out in the US in mere minutes. 

Image: Beams

Yep, that’s the world’s most controversially ugly shoe (don’t even try to @ us) and bag in-one. 

Is it fashion? Will they look cute with your cut-offs? What’s the life purpose of these shoe-bags? 

Now Post Malone is bringing the clog’s aggressively-ugly offspring Down Under with a new limited edition range. 

Check them out:

Exactly what our wardrobes were missing; camo-ish (see: grass-covered), bedazzled Crocs. 

And by bedazzled we mean ‘jibbits’, because as Posty says, you can really tell a lot about a man by the jibbits on his Crocs.

For those playing at home / only speak normal human, jibbits refers to the ‘charms’ attached to the crocs. There are six different varieties available, which is exciting. 

The exclusive launch for the Post Malone (brand name POSTY) and Crocs collab is in-line with the rapper’s current tour of Australia. 

They’ll be available for $79 from the Crocs website from 10am on 9 May. 

Quantities are super limited, so decide if they’re #fashun/for you ASAP. 

Image: Getyy / Thomson Redferns


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Written By Brynn Davies