People Are Debating The 'Right' Way To Wash Dishes And It's Getting Dirty

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And you call yourselves adults? 

When it comes to kitchen hygiene there is really no compromise. 

It’s going in your mouth, at a bare minimum you want to know its origins were pristine. 

Which is why Twitter is up in arms over the fact that seemingly a LOT of people don’t wash their dishes properly, which is simply terrifying. 

Bon Appetit magazine tweeted an article about people who wash the bottoms of their dishes, and those who don’t, and thus began a Twitter war. 

Cleaning crusaders were stunned that people who don’t wash their dishes 360 degrees exist:

While other brave souls decided to tell the internet they didn’t realise this was a thing: 

Stories were also shared about partner/roommate/sibling dishwashing habits that were so horrendous we’re never eating at someone else’s house again:

In case you haven’t gotten the message by now, WASH THE ENTIRE POT YOU HEATHENS. 

And yes, we mean the handles too.

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Written By Brynn Davies