These '90s Throwbacks Will Give You All The Memz

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"Mum, get off the phone I'm using MSN."

The ‘90s truly was the golden era to grow up in.

It was the decade of all girl/boy power groups, crimped hair and stick-on earrings. It was a time when computer screens weighed more than we did, and stepping on a butterfly clip was the worst pain imaginable. 

If you grew up in the ‘90s, this blast from the past is going to make you hella nostalgic. 

Everyone’s favourite choking hazard, Polly Pocket:

TV was rife with tween stars, but none could compete with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:

This symbol was drawn all over your schoolbooks: 



It only took a few clicks to become a legit graphic designer: 

A trip to the playground during summer could end in third-degree burns: 

“Noot noot” could express multiple emotions and sentiments: 

You learned everything about your body from a giraffe in a van: 

When your parents bought you tear-free shampoo and you realised marketing is all a lie: 

Owning a Tamagotchi was how we learned responsibility: 

If you walked into class and saw this you knew it was going to be a good lesson:

And it wasn’t weird to ask your friend: “Can I smell your pens”? 

And cartoons were in 2D but still better than many shows today: 

Honestly, why the world ever progressed makes no sense. The 90s were a bloody great time to be alive! 

S Club 7 said it best:

Written By Brynn Davies

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