Online Shopper Left Mortified When Her Bikini Turns Totally See-Through

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You know when you buy something online,it arrives then you try it on and it doesn’t fit but that’s what happens when you go online shopping? 

Well, this is worse. 

A woman from England was in for a ‘colourful’ treat when she bought a $72 neon orange-pink bikini, only to realise that upon contact with water, the colour began to drastically transfer. 

Doesn’t sound too bad? See you for yourself. 

The customer, Harriet Wright, was shocked when she discovered the massive colour transfer on her white sheets.

On her Twitter account, she revealed her initial excitement until realising that the swimwear is for ‘poolside only’.

“I get so many messages about this bikini! It’s from Oh Polly but it’s one of them for ‘poolside only’ which is ridiculous since it’s listed in the ‘swim’ section,” she wrote.

Apparently, this is a common issue amongst other online retailers, with many customers encountering the same problem with brands such as PrettyLittleThing.

According to Fox News, a woman from London purchased a bikini from the online clothing brand that turned see-through when it immediately touched the water. 


Emily Charlton-Smith initially purchased the bikini in black and had no issues until she bought the white version. 

“The fit was great and the quality was thick enough,”

“Also, the white bikini was more expensive, which I assumed was due to the material being thicker to avoid this situation,” she added.

The 25-year-old customer immediately contacted the company who told her that the advertised bikini were for “poolside posing” only. 


Image: Twitter / Harriet Wright


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