One Of Your Fave Aussie Treats Is Headed Back To The Confectionary Aisle

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The nostalgia is real.

You’ve read the headline and excitement is picqued so let’s cut to the chase:

It’s the Polly Waffle. It’s coming back.

The chocolate bar, with it’s delicious blend of fluffy marshmallow and chocolate-coated wafers, disappeared from supermarket and servo shelves over ten years ago but it’s officially making a comeback.


In even happier news, the new South Australian owner, Robern Menz, revealed they will use the original Hoadley’s recipe.

Those who are true Polly Waffle fans will remember Nestlé changed the recipe when they bought the rights in 1988.

Robern Menz CEO, Phil Sims told 7News, “Polly Waffle is a unique chocolate bar, and although it may sound simple enough… it actually requires a number of fairly complicated processes to create."

"We’re focusing a lot of energy and resources into ensuring Polly Waffle is as tasty as people remember and can’t wait to share it with the public soon.”

7News report Polly Waffles will make their triumphant return to shelves in 2020.

If you listen closely you can hear the 56,000 members of Facebook group Bring Back The Polly Waffle crying tears of joy.

Image: AAP / Nestlé

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