'The Office' Version Of Cards Against Humanity Is Real and We're Ready

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Regional Managers Unite!

You know the awkward hilariousness that is The Office?

The ‘World’s Best Boss’, Michael Scott?

And the OTT antics of Dwight and Jim?

Well, now there's a Cards Against Humanity pack with all the best lines from the Dunder-Mifflin squad.

The Unofficial Expansion pack Paper Against The Office is available at GiraffeKingGames, and includes 180 cards featuring some of the  most iconic lines from the show.

Imagine slapping down a winning card in response to this line from Dwight:

“‘Jim put my _____ in jello again!”’

The box was originally created by a fan for his wife and after he realised what a CRACKER of game he had on his hands, he decided to share it with the world.

And we are eternally grateful.

The website also says they have a Paper Against The Office 2 coming soon. 

Ready your snacks for game night, friends.

It's on.

Image: The Office / NBC

Written By Chloe Arentz

Obviously, it’s the Reese’s Cup. 

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It’s the end of an era.

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