New 'Luxe' Aldi Homewares To Drop As Special Buy Sale Of The Century

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We considered not writing this article.

Now, we know what you're thinking. "Why Nova? Why wouldn't you want to spread the word about bargains?"

While the answer to this question is normally a resounding "Yes!", we have to admit we're hesitant.

'Cause we want these for ourselves and we'll be damned if we miss out.

But ever the altruistic sort, we've decided to share it anyway. 

So, you owe us one.

The Aldi Special Buy we're jabbering on about drops Wednesday 27 March and include some pretty swanky goods like velvet ottomans ($99.99) and benches ($79.99), a buffet ($149) and gold side table ($79.99).

Feast your eyes:



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Written By Ally Parker

THIS bed is just right.

Lunch is sorted.


I am now one with the couch.