Millennials Are Naming Their Babies After Plants And Welcome To 2019

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Say aloe to my little friend. 

It seems Millennials have taken the #plantlife craze so seriously they’re naming their real babies after their plant babies. 

New parents are calling their offspring by botanical-themed names in droves - so much so that plant-based names have topped 2019’s Most Popular Baby Name list. 

converse green plant GIF by URBAN & UNCUT Studios

You can tell your grandma Rose she’s got company, ‘cause according to a report from trend analysts McCrindle, the top three out of five names for baby girls were inspired by nature. 

The report suggests that names like Willow, which came in at #10; and Ivy, at #8; will continue to increase in popularity. Other nature-inspired girls names included Lily, Violet, Poppy, Daisy and Olive. 

Ashley Fell, social researcher at McCrindle, spoke to Mamamia about the report, explaining: 

“The parents of our emerging generation today, our Generation Alphas – the label given to the generation under 10 – are ‘the Millennials’ or the Gen Y’s (those aged between 25 and 39).

“The Millennials are a generation that have been impacted by social change and activism, with many giving consideration to the environment in their purchases, to even being inspired by botanic themes when naming their children.”

So if you’re umming and ahhing over names for your newborn, look no further than your cabbage patch kids collection. 

After all, babies are just like vocal house-plants, right? Right? 


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