Marshmallow Oreos Are About To Be A New Thing And We’re Not Mad About It

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There's nothing quite like a bag of Oreos and a tall glass of milk. But what about if they changed up the flavours?

Don't get us wrong, we love the OG cream in the middle, but there's got be more to life? 

Turns out Oreos agree. 

Popsugar reports the cookie brand confirmed that Marshmallow Moon Oreos will officially be hitting shelves in honour of the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo lunar landing. 

Yes, marshmallow. Imagine all that gooey, squishy goodness. 

The limited-edition cookies will be stuffed with purple marshmallow-flavoured cream, and they're expected to be available in midJune of this year.

To add to the space vibe, the packaging even glows in the dark.

We don't want to get too excited as there is no word as to whether they will also be hitting the Aussie shores but we’ve got our fingers crossed!

Image: Instagram/@Oreo


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