Kmart’s $13 Non-Stick Frypan Outshines $200 Competition

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Reviewers are raving about it.

You don’t need to be a pro chef to appreciate the benefits of a decent non-stick frypan. 

Actually, you just need to have experienced the horror of cleaning baked-on egg off an old pan to appreciate the wonder of non-stick. 

While the ‘best’ non-stick pans on the market retail for hundreds of dollars, Kmart’s giving brands like Scanpan and Jamie Oliver a run for their money. 

The Kmart aluminium four-layer non-stick frypan is being heralded as “better than Scanpan” by customers, and it’s only $13. 

The frypan comes in three different sizes and has been dubbed the “kitchen buy of 2019”. The pans cost $13 for 24 centimetres, $15 for 28 or $19 for 32 centimetre


Happy shoppers have taken to Facebook to rave about the product.

“This works better than my $200 Scanpan,” one person wrote.

“I have these, as well as the saucepans and they are better than my old Jamie Oliver Tefal!” said another.

“Best frying pan I've ever bought, and I have spent $$$$$ on 'brand' frying pans. Love mine,” someone else posted. 

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