The Kmart 'Slouchy Jumper' We All Need To Light Up Our Instas

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We'll take one in each colour.

Just when you think Kmart has tapped out of the game - surely they must have exhausted their cache of Awesome Stuff?! - they come swingin' back around with another top shop.

And this time, we're talking cute slouchy jumpers, tortoise shell accessories and more.

Check it out:


Comments have flooded in via social media with followers writing how they have already run to their local to pick one up (or plan to do so).

"Going straight in my basket," one person wrote.

Another added, "These new jumpers are cute."

"I miss Kmart," another said simply.

The release comes after the brand's $18 leopard skirt went gangbusters online as a pretty solid dupe for high-end prods.

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Written By Ally Parker

Obviously, it’s the Reese’s Cup. 

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It’s the end of an era.

The guru is in.