Kmart Release 3-In-1 Air Fryer, Oven And Dehydrator For $129 But RUN

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It comes with a freakin’ rotisserie basket. 

Our love of Kmart knows no bounds, truly, but they’ve honestly outdone themselves this time.

Dear Santa, all we want for Christmas is a small bench-friendly oven that both airfrys and dehydrates, and oh, look, here’s one for $129:

You’d better be quick though, customers are going crazy as more posts of the oven pop up on Facebook. “Wow now we can make like 100 hash browns,” wrote one drooling user.

“I’d like to get one too one of these days - this one got great revues [sic], go for it!” enthused another.

Our favourite entrepreneurial commenter suggested: “For the office? I’m happy to purchase it. We will be able to double up as a cafe if listings get tight.”

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The 3-in-1 oven has an LED touch screen from which you select between 10 pre-set functions for chips, chops, prawns, baking, drumsticks, steaks, fish, chicken, dehydrate and defrost.

It also fits 11 litres worth of food - *cough, Christmas lunch - inside, and comes with a rotisserie basket, air flock racks, drip tray and heating element protective cover.

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It’s also petit, so you can probably plug it into a generator and take it camping if you feel like it.

Or display it proudly on the benchtop. Or stick it in a cupboard. Whatever. You’ll be eating so much fried chicken you won’t know what’s going on.

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