Kmart Drops $20 Churros Maker So Wave Goodbye To Your Summer Bod

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Food, glorious food. 

Stop everything you’re doing. Kmart has released a $20 churros maker and they ain’t gonna last long. AT ALL.

The last time a churros maker hit stories it was in an Aldi Special Buy and it sold out within hours - as they say, history repeats itself. 

The churros maker will produce four of the most delicious, crispy deserts you ever did gorge on.

It’s non-stick, comes with a 12-month warranty and is so simple to use even drunk you won’t stuff it up. 

so good pizza GIF

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Written By Brynn Davies

ATTN: all little animal lovers. 

With raspberry pieces, rice crisps, and almond. 

Fido has never looked finer.