Kardashian-Inspired Butt-Lifting Technique Looks Painful AF

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This is ridiculous.  

Some people will do anything for beauty. 

Needles, scalpels, stitches - you name the torture device and someone has probs paid big bucks to have it used on their face or body.

While the world is obsessing over Kim Kardashian’s bulbous bottom, it takes the average joe a little more than a squat routine to achieve the look (and Kim too, but that’s none of our business). 

May we present to you the next viral beauty trend: fire cupping. 

The temporary bum-lifting procedure involves a pot containing ACTUAL FIRE suctioned onto a person’s bum cheeks. 

It looks painful AF and we’re concerned.

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One Twitter user shared a video of the procedure, which shows the victim *sorry, patient* allowing a technician to apply a literal bowl of fire to their bottom.

The result; a soot-covered, swollen, red tush that looks sore as hell - but objectively bigger?


The fire cupping technique claims to create a vacuum of hot air around the cheek, which causes it to swell, creating a temporary Kardashian-style badonkadonk. 

The treatment puts the patient at risk of burns, serious bruising and tissue damage - all very good reasons not to apply fire to your bum, if the searing-hot pain wasn’t enough to deter you. 

Twitter’s reactions are gold: 

Just get a gym membership guys. Seriously. 


What do the Cheaper By The Dozen Kids look like now? 

Written By Brynn Davies

Obviously, it’s the Reese’s Cup. 

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It’s the end of an era.

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