Instagram Bans Plastic Surgery-Like Filters And The Response Is... Mixed

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Pucker up.

As you may have noticed of late, Instagram’s filters have gone from cute puppy ears to making us look like our life savings are in our faces.

Celebs, Susan from the office and probs your mum have posted Instagram Stories talking, singing, pouting or doing a shoey with the filter.

But filters like ‘Plastica’ and ‘Fix-Me’ about to disappear from your library, folks.

The company which makes Instagram’s filters, Sparks AR, will no longer make any “effects associated with plastic surgery” as part of its “well-being policies”.

Comments on Facebook were mixed:

“Weird decision,” one wrote, while another pointed out: “Some people use filters with deformation because it helps them to feel themselves more comfortable when they make stories.”

“This makes no sense! Wtf are you doing... Shame,” protested one user.

“People want filters that make them beautiful,” said another. “Let’s delete retouching, makeup, and all of the filters then!” one commenter suggested.

Another person said: “This is unfair for all creators.”

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Instagram recently made the decision to hide posts promoting diet and detox products from users under 18, (you can practically hear Jameela Jamil and Sophie Turner cheering).


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