Horrified Mum Films Kids Shaving Each Other’s Heads And We Can’t Stop Laughing

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We feel bad for laughing but DAMN.

Hands up if you ever attacked your own hair with a pair of scissors as a kid?

It’s definitely a normal - if not a dangerous - thing for small children to do. 

Basic rule of thumb: kids + sharp objects = no bueno. 

‘Cause parenting is that simple, right? 

And yet, almost as a right of passage, self-haircuts are bound to happen - and this poor Mum had to deal with a double-whammy hack-job from hell. 

Mother-of-two Stephanie walked in on what can only be described as a hairdresser’s worst nightmare. 

Her little boy, Teddy, had located his Mum’s electric razor and went full Edward Scissorhands on his own head. 

But he didn’t stop there - he also shaved most of his sister Eloise’s noggin. 

You can check out the haircut horror here: 

Teddy seemed pretty chuffed about his new-found hairdressing skills, telling his Mum:

"[Eloise] said she liked me doing that a lot and I did it and we wanted to show you… How does my hair look? I mean, how does my no hair look?" 

Meanwhile, lil’ sis Eloise is not so taken with her own new style, saying forlornly:

 "Mummy, I look like a boy… Mummy can you put your hair on my head?”


Written By Brynn Davies