Here’s A Viral Fashion Trend For Anyone Who Loves Disney

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For when you’ve got nothing to wear to the ball.

Disney lovers, listen up. 

There’s a Disney-inspired fashion trend that’s taking over your gram and you probs haven’t even noticed - ‘cause that’s kinda the point. 

For the uninitiated among you, we’re talking about ‘Disneybounding’ - and no, it’s not something Beauty and the Beast got into after watching 50 Shades Of Grey.

Disneybounding is a subtler way to show your love for your fave characters without looking like you’re in full-blown cosplay. 

Instead, everyday outfits are influenced by a Disney character through colour schemes and accessories.

The trend actually began back in 2011, when blogger Leslie Kay accidentally coined the term. Her Tumblr, Disneybound, is filled with contemporary outfits based on Disney characters, without resorting to props or wigs to pull the look together. 


Just a quick squiz at the #disneybound hashtag on Insta chucks up endless awesome ideas ranging from outrageous to minimalist. 


Even Robert Downey Jr is getting on board in a Snow White inspired getup. 


The fashion trend is a popular way of getting around the rule at Disneyland which bans visitors over the age of 14 from dressing up as Disney characters. 


We’re defs not waiting until Halloween to try this trend.


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Written By Brynn Davies

Obviously, it’s the Reese’s Cup. 

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