Hayley’s Obsessed With These Home Décor Tips

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If anyone knows style, it’s Hayley… and why not dress your home with as much care as you do yourself!

Hayley caught up with style-queen Teresa for some hot tips on how to decorate your home, whether it’s a new build or a fresh new reno.

Start by choosing the external brick and roof colours. These will give you a strong foundation for the aesthetic that flows through the rest of the building. 

Granted, some of us don’t spend that much time in the kitchen (hello, takeout!) but it’s still the heart of the home. It’s where you fuel up in the morning, spend quality time with the family and dish the dirt over wines with the girls.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Don’t stick to white — play around with bold and bright colours to add a splash of character and playfulness.

Presented in partnership with Rossdale Homes.

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