PSA: Wear thongs to a bottle-o and score free stuff

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Run, don't walk (in your thongs). 

Summer just got even better with the launch of BWS ‘Thong Thursday' - basically, customers who walk into their local BWS wearing their pair of trusty thongs will be able to access exclusive deals and experiences.

In case you still didn’t get it, you can head into your local BWS wearing a humble pair of thongs and unlock a bunch of awesome deals.

Negative points for underwear variety, obvi.

While not all the deals are out in the open (just got to keep some surprises don't they?), we do know of one or two coming up sooner rather than later. 

Like this Thursday, when thong wearers will get double rewards points on their Woolies rewards card (again, if you wear the undies, you'll just get judged).

Other upcoming deals include:

  • $3 Tanqueray Gin & Tonic
  • $3 Somersby Cider
  • This week, Thong wearers will get double rewards points on their Woolworths rewards card
  • $2 Lazy Bear Rum & Dry

So what are you waiting for? Rock up on a Thursday in you flippies and get a little something-something.

Spreading more of their Christmas spirit, BWS has revealed their top drink picks for summer – gin, rosé and craft beer.  

TBH, they had us at 'spirit' but we'll go through them with you now for clarity's sake.

  • Easy drinking craft beers:  There are plenty of lighter craft beers in stores this summer. Try the Pacific Ales and Summer Ales like the Balter XPA, Coopers Summer Session Ale and Wild Yak
  • Health-conscious brews: Non-alcohol beer and spirits are both in store for summer.
  • Rose-all-day: We recommend trying Cupio Rose and Rambling Rose. For those who prefer sparkling rose, or “Sprose”, don’t miss the Santa Margarita Sparkling Rose.
  • Summer sparkles:  New lines to try include Santaro Prosecco Spritz, Divici Prosecco and Graham Norton Prosecco. Spritzers and sparkling mixers like Aperol Spritz (yes, yes, a million times, yes) are also soaring.

'Thong Thursday' will run throughout summer (score!) which means there’ll be plenty of opportunities to don your thongs and head into your local BWS.

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